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news flash

I just realized that I am a horrible person.

So while I'm laying around doing nothing before work today Jim calls me and asks me the big favor of doing a double shift tomorrow. It'd be a 6:30a-3p shift on the floors. I said no. I really hate morning shifts on the floors. They are so long and I can't deal with patients for that long.
Then, while I'm working Ebonee calls me and asks me to take 5a-1:30p in the call center. With out thinking I said yes. *beats head against wall* And I know Jim's working at Cooper tomorrow which is where the call center is. Damn it. I'm a cruel horrible person. I don't remember if Ebonee had a reason for getting rid of her shift, but I know Jim did. He wanted to go up north with his girlfriend to spend some more time with her before she left for college. I feel so bad. Jim's going to think one of two things. A. I don't like him. or B. I'm a two faced bitch. Or he could think both.

*hates self*


Yay!!! Someone bid on my calculator on ebay!!!! :-D

first day of school, first day of school!

Wow, it's here already. This semester should be interesting. It's gonna take some adjusting. I haven't had a steady job during school since my very first semester. I like how my classes scheduled themselves. I get to work almost every day and I'll always have at least one day where I don't have to worry about work. Of course, that'll be my long day at school. It'll be good though.

I'm actually kind of excited about school. Though some classes may suck, there's always fun to be had making new friends and learning new things. Yeah, I'm kind of a nerd. My easy class this semester will probably be document processing. I'm sure most of it will me a review. I have mad computer skills so I should easily ace that class. It's hard to say about my other class. Business ethics might be kinda easy. Coding is the one class I'm worried about. It determines if I can truly continue with my chosen career. That's a little intimidating. My mom thinks I'll be good at it though. I hope so.

So this semester and next I'd like to institute a phone tree. Ya know, whoever is up first lets other people know if school is canceled due to weather. It wouldn't be that hard to do. We'd just have to make sure we have everyone's schedule and phone number. If you're interested, let me know. With Delta and their sucking system of alerting students, it might just help. I know I called up a few friends last semester when I knew of cancelations.

mmmmm, BBQ chicken

Ha! I am such a college student right now. Pizza for breakfast. I love it! Of course I've been doing crazy things like this way before I started college. Apparently this is Cottage Inn pizza. That doesn't surprise me cuz it's awesome, but it's thin crust so it threw me off. Love it though!!

Anyway, not too much new. Hung out with Jason and Rachel last night. We watched Grandma's Boy. Frickin hilarious. Even more hilarious is how in to myspace Jason and Rachel are now. It's great! I told them we need to get Katia to join so that we can all stay in touch. That'll be a project though.

Going to Birch Run with my Liz today. Fun times ahead, I'm sure!


Yeah, I'm not buying my books online again. It just doesn't want to work for me. I just got my document processing book today. I could cry. I swear, I put in the right ISBN number when I search for the book and what I get does not match that ISBN number. Why me? *beats head against the wall*

So much time and money wasted.

love me some chex

Yes, that's right, it's 4:30 in the morning and I'm already showered, halfway dressed, and eating chex right out of the box. Have I ever said how much I love 6am shifts? And having my mother home to share a bathroom with? I'm sure you can feel my love of it all right now.
Liz, I'm so glad you take showers at night. That will make our morning routine sooo easy. Don't forget, we need a bigger coffee pot. We should go in on a really nice one like my sister has. It kicks ass. Once you make coffee it turns itself off after two hours.

Oh, my aunt and uncle sent my parents home with my birthday gift. Yay Target card!!!! I should take a look at their shoes and see if I can find any good ones for back to school. If not shoes then shirts or jeans. Oooh! I could even go out there today! YAY!

Had a great time Saturday night with my zoo girls. There was lots of good munchies and hilarious stories. Watched V for Vendetta and got some cute pics. Still didn't use up my camera though. Brei's apartment is nice and she has two super cute dwarf hamsters. We had fun passing her around and laughing as she tried to eat random parts of our clothing. It so made me want to get another hamster. I just don't have the time for one though. Or the money. *sigh*

closing time

So fall semester is drawing near. It's kind of sad. It feels like I haven't really had much of a summer. Especially since I'm missing out on Traverse City. All too soon classes will start and I will have even less of a life than I do now. I have the weekend before school starts off. I wanna do something fun and special to celebrate the end of summer. Any thoughts? I'm kinda thinking some sort of road trip.

Bought my books. Got them all online. Only $261.20. Not bad at all. That's the least I've spent on books since I started at Delta I think. Now I can go back to building my funds. Gotta save up so I don't go completely broke when I move out. November can't come soon enough.


Things I Learned This Week

1. There is a 4am and it sucks ass.
2. Don't take diet orders over the phone. Very bad.
3. I love and hate being home alone at the same time.
4. I still have my artist talent.
5. Malt-o-meal is still a tastey breakfast.
6. Sweets are a very bad thing to have around in the house when I'm alone.
7. Being lazy is as easy as breathing.
8. I can sleep for twelve hours.
9. The cat does care if no one pays attention to her.
10. I am weak.

I tag Drew, Alisha, and Christine.

earlyness makes me go rawr!

Have I ever said that I HATE getting up to work at 6:30? Well I do. I hate it with a passion. Darn people and they're wanting breakfast. I mean, come on. Who seriously eats at 6:30? No one, that's who! They all need to wait till like 7:30 or something. Yes, that hour makes all the difference in the world. And they shouldn't get a choice either. They should all get some standard tray depending on their diet. Yeah! No special order. Eat it or don't eat at all.

*sigh, yawn*

Here, I'll share some art with ya.Collapse )

preparing to be alone

So apparently Covenant called wondering if I wanted to come in at 10. Yeah, that'd be a no. If I wasn't working this weekend, I probably would. But I am working this weekend (8 and half hour shifts no less) so I'd prefer to keep some distance.

My family leaves this weekend. They're staying up at the trailor and then going to Traverse City from there on Sunday. *sigh* So sad that I have to miss Traverse this year. Everyone keeps asking me if there's anything I want from there. All I want is to be able to go. Oh well. So is life. Hopefully I can go next year.

Anyone care to stay over a night or two to keep my company?